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One on One Parenting Support

The one on one sessions are designed to help you get support and understanding about what is happening for you and your child so that you can develop a deeper more connected relationship.

During the session we will get an understanding of what is happening, the underlying needs and then look at ways of bringing in some easy tools into your days which may include listening, play and laugher – specific to what you and your child may be struggling with.

I trust that you know what is best for you and your family. As a therapist I believe when we parent in a way that is deeply connected to our children and ourselves it allows connection, creativity and joy to flourish. I hope at the end of the session you will find clarity around any issues you are experiencing and will leave with easy tools to implement at home.

We may also focus on you as a parent and how you can get your needs met while getting sufficient support. It can be easy to be the person who gets left off the list. We may also look at what sustains you as a parent and what gets in the way of this process.

The sessions are 60 minutes on Skype or Zoom in the comfort of your own home. I would initially send out a questionnaire, which ensures you get the most out of our time together. After returning the questionnaire we would make a time for an appointment.

Once a time is booked I will send out an invoice for the session. The invoice will need to be paid prior to the session commencing either by EFT or Paypal.

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